Northern Associates at Moosehead

We at Northern Associates, Inc. ( better known as Northern Associates at Moosehead ) care about you the Buyer and you the Seller.

We strive to make your real estate experience a Positive one-just like our motto says.

We represent Buyers from choosing properties to see to making offers when THE one presents itself.

We represent Sellers helping them price and ready their properties "for sale" and then all the way to the Closing Table.

Hope you will take the time to meet our Broker when you visit the area.

Marion McManus

    *  Designated Broker/Owner

    *  Chair of the Greenville Planning Board

    *  Property Manager & Rental Agent

    *  Notary Public, State of Maine


   * Custom made Brochures

    *  Craig's List for National Exposure

    *  Facebook - Northern Associates at Moosehead

    *  Networking - Seminars, Meetings, Prospective Buyers/Sellers, Community Members 

    *  Newspapers & Periodicals

A Positive Experience For Buyers & Sellers

About Us

Marion McManus, Broker/Owner

Tel: 207 852-1498